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you all need to realize the power you hold through social media, like all of you on here with follower counts that exceed city populations need to use that power and help spread awareness for shit like this. social media is our biggest most accessible and most powerful tool. USE your audience

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I remembered how this one family member told me no one will ever care for me.


Yet here I am… battling with my self. Because the truth is no one actually cares for me… I remember my mother telling me I should kill my self. To just do it. The fact that I had no friends clearly showed how no one wanted me there. The fact that my mom reminds me ever day of how ugly and fat I…


It gets to me how Robin Williams died. He seemed so happy and healthy but deep down he had depression. The fact that he was fighting with himself for many years of not killing himself gets to me. The fact that he had a mental illness gets to me. It gets me scared of myself. Even the happiest…